Applications for YOUR business.

We develop Lotus Notes & Domino applications
based on the needs of your business

Lotus Notes Client Solutions

We've been developing Lotus Notes applications for quite a while - since the version 4.x client. As the Notes client has grown, we have grown with it.

As an IBM Business Partner we have the resources to keep our skillset current and inline with the latest and greatest to make sure our customers are receiving modern solutions that have room to grow.

Domino Web Applications

Web technologies can change rapidly. We work hard to keep up with new developments in web design, and integrating these techniques with Domino websites.

  • Java Servlets
  • Enterprise data integration

Every customer is unique

Some companies try to make the business processes and data of their customers fit into an off-the-shelf product, which results in costly time wasted trying to customize the application to fit the client's needs. Often, the final product still does not meet the requirements of the customer.

Why we're different

Our approach to application development is to build the solution around YOUR business process. Your business information is vital - and we believe our clients should be able to access their business data in the manner they choose.

Our goals

We approach every development project with a plan to follow a few basic principles to ensure success:

  • Listen to the customer's needs
  • Communicate effectively with the customer
  • Deliver a complete solution, on time
  • Develop clean, documented code
  • Complete customer satisfaction
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